The Best Bodyweight Exercises At Home



We love the simplicity of bodyweight exercises. These types of movements require no equipment and are perfect for everyone from beginners to athletes. They’re also great for those unfamiliar with the equipment at the gym or those who dislike going to the gym in the first place. The biggest perk, though? Bodyweight exercises are easy to learn but as effective as any other.

Now that you’re convinced that bodyweight exercise it where it’s at, we’ve got some favorites that are sure to become staples in your exercise repertoire. Check out our top picks down below — we’ve grouped them by the muscle groups they target.

You can do bodyweight exercises almost anywhere — in your hotel room, living room, on a mountain or by the ocean. That’s what makes them ideal for travelers, students, and busy moms alike. Exercises like these are perfect for anyone who’s short on time but wants an effective, fast workout that’s as good as you could get at the gym.

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