30 Foods That You Can Actually Eat On The Paleo Diet


Simplify your paleo diet planning with a list foods that are allowed and ones you can’t eat. Whether you’re a beginner or just looking for a refresher on the rules, here’s what you need to know to eat paleo.

The pros of paleo are that it focuses on increasing intake of whole foods, fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats and decreasing consumption of processed foods, sugar and salt. For those looking to eat a more well-rounded diet, these “guidelines” sound familiar and altogether healthy.

However, the paleo diet also advocates cutting out grains, dairy and legumes, and this has caused controversy among scientists. These foods, despite what paleo advocates claim, are healthful and can be good sources of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Nuts and seeds are full of healthy fats, fiber and protein. Plus, they were foraged back in the day, so you can load up your cart with them.

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