12 Worst Processed Foods You Must Avoid (and What to Eat Instead)


9. Macaroni and cheese

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They say the longer a food item’s ingredients list, and the harder those ingredients are to pronounce, the more dangerous it is to eat. That may not be the case for all foods, but it’s definitely the case for many brands of macaroni and cheese.

The ingredients list on a Kraft Easy Mac container is alarmingly long. A variety of oils, milk fats, syrups, and salt forms to create a bowl of refined-flour noodles topped with a powder that barely contains any dairy at all (yet they still call it cheese). At least when you make mac and cheese for yourself, your sauce (hopefully) contains real cheese. At over 500 milligrams of sodium and 42 grams of carbohydrates per serving, this product has very little means of redeeming itself in the eyes of macaroni lovers everywhere.

What to eat instead: If you absolutely have to have macaroni and cheese, your best bet is to start with processed noodles and make your own cheese sauce. It’s not the healthiest dinner you’ll ever have, but it’s an improvement.

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