11 Most Effective Cardio-Bodyweight Workouts to Try if You Hate Running


Wish to have best from your cardio workout? Want to have the benefits of bodyweight exercises with your normal cardio routine?

I heard someone say that getting the best results out of my cardio sessions on the floor is a hard deal.

You might be having the same thought too. Isn’t it? Indeed, it is difficult. But letting yourself feel bad with this thought is not a strong man’s game.

You have to hit on the deck no matter how difficult its going to be.

Don’t worry because we have you covered with high intensity bodyweight exercises that can double up your effort during normal cardio sessions and strength improvement.

We have the best 11 cardio based bodyweight exercises that will help you grab the maximum out of your workout. Here you go:

Energy Skip

This is not an easy piece of exercise for just anyone. You need a lot of energy within you to perform this exercise. Raise your right arm overhead and left foot to your knee level and stand on the right foot. Go for 10-15 high energy skips!

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